Interested in learning more about the principle of Victory Beyond Competition? We have resources for Athletes, Coaches, and Parents.


Why Great Leaders Have Influence

Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but that’s not what sets him apart. He is also one of the most respected athletes. Read more about how he uses his influence.

Maya Moore Is Changing The Game

Maya Moore is showing the world that she’s a gamechanger in more ways than one. Read about her influence as an athlete and how she experiences Victory Beyond Competition.

Simone Biles And Lasting Legacy

Many lessons can be drawn from Simone Biles’ performances, both in and outside of the arena. Read about how she lives her life to leave a lasting legacy.

Jersey Effect - Discovering Victory In Defeat

Have you ever had one of those “epic fail” moments? You have a plan, you attempt to execute the plan, but the outcome ends in a complete disaster. How did you respond?


How Coaches Can Leave Lasting Legacies

For better or worse, we all leave a legacy. As leaders and coaches we must take seriously the importance of leaving a legacy that impacts and influences those we work with in a positive direction.

3 Relationship Building Blocks

Great organizations are filled with people who care about the mission, purpose, and people that comprise the group. The process of building great teams starts by cultivating strong relationships.

The Crucial Role of Priorities

Coach John Wooden, former head coach of the UCLA Bruins, was a master at priorities—evidenced in how he approached basketball practice. Prioritizing is a vital skill for every leader.


Creating A Healthy Youth Sports Culture

Clubs, park districts and schools across the country are working with organizations  to create values-based programming that focus on winning the race to the right finish line.

Are We Chasing The Right Prize?

If you are a parent who truly cares about your child’s long-term health and well-being, I hope you will join us in saying “It’s time to start winning the race to the right finish line.”

3 Things For Coaching Your Child's Team

No one has perfect motives, but it’s better to have a good handle on one’s potential blind spots than to forge ahead as if immune to disordered ambitions. Click above to read more.

The Real Game Is Not On The Field

Victory beyond competition is only possible when we view every situation as an opportunity for worship. Our work turns to worship when we pursue God’s purposes.